City of San Jose - Important Documents

A sustainable city is one whose residents engage in careful long-term planning in areas from zoning to green space preservation and affordable housing creation. Below is a set of documents vital to the future of San Jose. Following the guidelines within these documents and committing to an approach of continuous conversation and improvement will ensure our city stays on the up and up for decades to come.



The Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan was adopted by the City Council in November 2011. This General Plan centers on twelve Major Strategies that reflect the community’s desire to see San Jose grow into a more prominent great City, taking on a growing environmental and economic leadership role in the region, nation and world. In terms of physical form, San Jose will offer a wide variety of living and working environments, continuing to develop the Downtown, preserving and enhancing existing residential neighborhoods, and creating new, vibrant Urban Villages. This physical form is attractive to San Jose’s diverse population and particularly suited to meet the needs of two growing segments of the population, young professionals and those more senior in age.

The Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan is an award winning General Plan. It has received the Award of Excellence, Comprehensive Plan Award for a Large Jurisdiction from both the Northern California American Planning Association and the California American Planning Association. These awards recognized the teamwork across multiple City departments, an extensive community engagement process, and its contributions to long range planning.


San Jose Greeprint (now Activate sj)

The Greenprint is a long-term plan that sets goals and strategies for how San José's parks, trails and community centers will change over the next 20 years.  City staff and policy makers use the Greenprint as a guide as they explore the ways the parks system can help people in San José be healthier and happier.  The City is working on a major update of its existing Greenprint, which was accepted by City Council in 2009. The new Greenprint Update is expected to be complete in Spring 2018.


climate smart san jose

Climate Smart San José is a plan to reduce air pollution, save water, and create a stronger and healthier community.

Together, we can make San José a better place for our families, children and future generations. Every action, big or small, makes a difference!