Cinequest 2019 Review

"Cinequest is a global leader in discovering and showcasing film, art, and the tech that reshapes creativity....and it occurs in the capital of the Silicon Valley, downtown San Jose. Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival occurs March 5-17, showcasing 132 premiere films from 56 countries & 75 celebrations. . . .Cinequest is welcoming of all folks from all walks of life and remains very affordable in spite of producing and giving more than ever to its audiences." -- Halfdan Hussey, Co-Founder & CEO


In addition to its theme of combining tech and art, Cinequest also features interesting foreign films every year.   For this year, two are worth mentioning:

SHADOW:   a movie by famous Chinese director Yi-Mou Zhang, presenting the Doppleganger phenomenon (referring to recent US film “US”) from a very different Chinese perspective.  Director Zhang continues his brilliant usage of color, in this case black and white, to make this historical Chinese drama a feast for the eyes.  People who are familiar with Chinese history of this period will also find amusing his clever and purposeful distortions of the names of the well-known characters and places in this movie

HOTEL MUMBAI: an action-packed movie is based on the 2009 documentary of the 2008 attacks at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.  For an action movie, the director actually spent quite a bit of time to develop the characters:  the teenage terrorists who were misled into committing the horrific acts of violence through religious zeal or poverty, the parents whose love for the child rises above personal safety or common sense, and the hotel staff and the police whose dedication of to their professional duties led them to take unreasonable risks.

Cinequest will return next year to San Jose and Redwood City between March 3-15, 2020.